The royal capital and richest city in Cormyr, Suzail is home to the important nobles and merchant houses of the country. The center of the city is the Royal Palace, which is surrounded by gardens and the buildings of the Royal Court.

Population: 55,000.

Government: His Royal Highness King Foril Obarskyr keeps his residence in the Palace. Edwin Morahan, a male human paladin, is Lord Magister of the City, and commander of the city’s garrison of Purple Dragons. Edwin’s herald is Lady Eleanor Thond.

Defense: The Purple Dragons and War Wizards jointly hold an impressive fortresslike barracks in Suzail. Both are constantly seen drilling in the courtyard, using swords, spells, and interesting tactics to quell imagined threats. The city also maintains the new royal shipyards, including the Imperial Navy that once docked in Marsember. Marsember took longer to recover from the lowering of the Dragonmere, and the navy never returned to its longtime moorage.

Inns: The Myrmidon. Other inns are available, but this one is known best.

Taverns: Witch-Duke’s Bride. Among the many taverns of Suzail, the Witch-Duke’s Bride is a favorite.

Supplies: Society of Stalwart Adventurers. Other sources of supplies (or research materials in the case of the Society of Stalwart Adventurers) are available but are too numerous to mention here.

Temples: Towers of Good Fortune (Tymora); Silent Room (Oghma).


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