Of Shades and Shadows

Session 1 - Into the Woods

The first session opens as our heroic party finds their separate ways to the small town of Eveningstar, nestled at the northern edge of the King's Forest in the nation of Cormyr. Each has come in response to a call for guards for a supply wagon headed to an apparently newly discovered ruin near Waymoot: Carric, a tiefling with a dark past from the lands of the Genasi; Arden, a disgraced former Purple Dragon Knight down on his luck; Dara, an elven archer and seeker curious about life outside her sheltered upbringing; and Kathra, a devotee of Torm from the rough and tumble city of Westgate in the Dragon Coast.

Upon arriving at Eveningstar, the party first meets each other at Severin's Sundries, the local store from which the caravan is being sent. After some discussion with the proprietor, Severin Mathis, you learn that the contents of the wagon include a variety of basic supplies, as well as some specialty alchemical ingredients prepared by a local alchemist, Caerthan Anora. Kathra notices that Severin appears to be rather nervous, but he chalks it up to concerns over the safety of the goods on their trip. As the wagon is not scheduled to leave until the next morning, you manage to find rooms for the night at the local Golden Unicorn Inn.

In the morning, you return to the merchant, and after the last of the goods are loaded, you take off on your journey, led by Amira Kern, the surly wagon driver. Making your way to the outskirts of the King's Forest, you are waylaid by a group of bandits, who appear to be nothing more than simple robbers. Unfortunately for the bandits, you are far more adept than expected, and easily finish them off before proceeding onward.

Progressing deeper into the forest proper, you path is blocked by a rough looking orc, with a twisted staff, demanding that you leave the forest immediately, as you are trespassing on lands reclaimed by the orc tribes. He appears to be alone with two guard, and yet the more perceptive of you noticed flashes of metal and movement to the sides of the path, likely indicating more orc forces among the trees. The orcs converge from either side, while the elder wields his staff to rain down chaos, but you manage to beat them back, leaving the wagon unscathed. With that, you manage to make your way to the town of Waymoot…

Loot: Assorted mundane gear – resale value 40g



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